February 2018

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Valentines Day Underwear

Valentines Day Underwear Valentines Day is fast approaching only a few days to go! are you sat at your PC wondering or even panicking what to buy for your loved one? what makes a really nice gift? well l suppose that is really down to the sender, some people see Valentines Day a bit of fun where we show our appreciation and love for another, others use the special day to tell the world that their heart has been taken, and dedicate their lives to one another, whatever and however... Read More

Mens Underwear

Men’s Underwear Did you know that the average UK man owns his trunks for four years? men over recent years have enjoyed a explosion of colours, styles and designs in men’s underwear, never have men’s boxers been so colourful and attractive, so there is really no excuse to get creative with your shorts. Since the dawn of time men have been wearing all manner of creations to cover there assets, Long Johns, Boxer Shorts, Men’s Briefs, Men’s Thongs, Trunks whatever feels most comfortable, in the 80’s Calvin Klein wooed men... Read More