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Does Your Skin Have A Preference?

Does Your Skin Have A Preference? Do you ever wonder what your skin would prefer to have sitting next to it? l think we would all agree most of us buy with our eyes first, were first attracted to what a product looks like, that’s what directs us towards a garment whilst shopping online or in store, Our next action usually is to touch, feel but then very quickly we follow up by quickly scanning the price label, this series of actions come to us as second nature, but do... Read More


Love Them Or Hate Them?

Are you a thong fanatic or a g-string grater? We all have our opinions on the thong, sometimes known as a g-string. There appears to be two camps when it comes to comfort and wear ability of these small but controversial underwear garment. In the love them corner, women who choose to wear a thong love them, leaving no signs of NVPL most women who wear a g-string find them to be very comfortable and easy to wear, thongs come in a variety of styles too, you can opt for... Read More

Look Good Feel Incredible In Your Everyday Essentials

Do you look good and feel incredible in your everyday essentials? have you ever wondered which style of women’s underwear – panties – knickers would be the best style to suit your body shape? refreshing your underwear collection can be a daunting task if you don’t know what your looking for. We all like to treat ourselves, but love it even more if someone decides to send you a gift, this handy guide to women’s underwear – panties – knickers should help you on the way to finding the ultimate... Read More

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Expectations Of Made In Britain Products

Expectations Of Made In Britain Products As the UK moves closer to leaving the EU in March 2019 the question keeps entering my head what are our expectations of going it alone, and what do we believe to the  meaning of Made In Britain? when l refer to Made In Britain l want to try to address  manufacturing in the UK. If we look back into British history the UK was a hive of industry, exporting our goods worldwide, in fact Birmingham was once known as the workshop of the... Read More

Where Do You Buy Your Underwear?

Where Do You Buy Your Underwear? Britain has been known for many a year as a nation of shopkeepers specialist’s in the small independent retailer, well known high street multiples started from humble beginnings the most famous being M&S and their penny stall. For generations the household buyer would do their weekly shop if their favourite chosen store. Over the passage of time how the nation trades and does business has changed dramatically, l don’t think ever has there been such a change in how we shop, and how we... Read More

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Should “Made In Britain” Have Protected Status

Why Buy British Underwear Okay so you have been scrolling through your social media feed one morning, and you notice a post advertising Made In Britain underwear, you keep scrolling down the page to get up to date with all your friends and families news, but in the back of your mind you are thinking about the Made In Britain underwear advert, why? you know for years you have stuck with the same multi-pack underwear from the supermarket, not always a huge success and very rarely comfortable. It’s just what... Read More

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Valentines Day Underwear

Valentines Day Underwear Valentines Day is fast approaching only a few days to go! are you sat at your PC wondering or even panicking what to buy for your loved one? what makes a really nice gift? well l suppose that is really down to the sender, some people see Valentines Day a bit of fun where we show our appreciation and love for another, others use the special day to tell the world that their heart has been taken, and dedicate their lives to one another, whatever and however... Read More

Quality Feel, British Fabric.

I recently went holiday shopping with the family to one of the North West major shopping destinations. the main task of the day was to find new t-shirts, shorts, swimsuit, etc whilst looking through the vast range of retail outlets l couldn’t help but notice how much the fabrics felt so different for similar items. You would think when buying T-shirts they may feel some what similar, but no, the obvious difference was the weight of the fabric, some you can actually see through the jersey material. How soft is... Read More

British From The Bottom Up

Do you ever think about where your clothes are made? who made them? how they were made? Shirley Crisp the owner of Shirley C Lingerie in Windermere Cumbria always had this on her mind whilst going on buying trips for her store. After years of buying for her store Shirley simply couldn’t find any lingerie Made In Britain. You would sometimes find things designed here in the UK, but not actually manufactured here. Shirley felt this was madness historically Britain was rich in heritage in the textile industry, but sadly... Read More

Loving life in lingerie

My passion, my dream was lingerie, l always found it difficult to find good quality, comfortable lingerie, never mind finding a store that kept a good size range. In September 2007 l opened my own lingerie store in Windermere, Cumbria. This truly was a dream coming true. Shirley C Lingerie was born, on a corner position of the main street in Windermere, this specialist lingerie shop took center stage, offering four windows of exquisite lingerie. Looking to attract all ladies from size 28-52 back, AAA-KK cup, Shirley C Lingerie became... Read More