British From The Bottom Up

Do you ever think about where your clothes are made? who made them? how they were made? Shirley Crisp the owner of Shirley C Lingerie in Windermere Cumbria always had this on her mind whilst going on buying trips for her store.

After years of buying for her store Shirley simply couldn’t find any lingerie Made In Britain. You would sometimes find things designed here in the UK, but not actually manufactured here.

Shirley felt this was madness historically Britain was rich in heritage in the textile industry, but sadly due to the demise of  garment manufacturing the UK started to suffer in the 80’s, many large stores looked to off shore production, attracted by price alone.

In 2014 Shirley decided to try to do something about the lack of British made underwear, she knew whatever she did the product had to be amazing quality, comfortable and stylish, and of course Made In Britain.

Unibu was born which stands for Unique British Underwear, Shirley was passionate that her new brand had to be different in someway, and that way was the fact that all the components used were also British made, the fabric, trims, packaging, design everything was manufactured in the UK.

Have you looked in your draws recently? where are they made? who and how are they made? you maybe suprised, take up the challange to check your pants!

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