Does Your Skin Have A Preference?

Does Your Skin Have A Preference?

Do you ever wonder what your skin would prefer to have sitting next to it? l think we would all agree most of us buy with our eyes first, were first attracted to what a product looks like, that’s what directs us towards a garment whilst shopping online or in store, Our next action usually is to touch, feel but then very quickly we follow up by quickly scanning the price label, this series of actions come to us as second nature, but do we ever think why we do this?

How many times have you heard oh I’m a blue person, or l love wearing earthy colours? many of us usually follow a pattern of wearing colours were attracted to, some people prefer a more neutral palate others go for bold and vibrant colours, this can often follow your personality and how you are feeling on any particular day. Seasons  of the year also play a big part,as does fashion have you ever noticed a common theme in fashion running up to the Christmas period?

Lets face it what we wear says alot about who we are, who we aspire to be (or not be) and what we want people to think about us, but what it also does is give a suttle indication of what type of fabric your body likes, this factor quite often is decided in a split second, touch, feel texture is a key factor is the decision making when selecting a item of clothing.

If l use men’s and women’s underwear as a example, what we may think about carefully about when shopping, it will focus our minds on what we may or may not think about when going to purchase .

The initial decision making – So you have decided that you need to refresh your underwear collection, or want to purchase a gift for a loved one? your underwear may be looking a little tied? worn? faded? Or you may have a red hot date? Your looking for a new style? colour? or have a particular function in mind IE shape wear! Summer quite often is a key time as we start to wear lighter fabrics and colours nude underwear becomes more popular.

Fabric choices is the secret key factor, we generally know if were a high leg, full brief, hipster, short wearer, so that’s the first box ticked. If your wanting to buy underwear that is for occasional use you may select a more silky, satin fabric with lace and embellishments, having a lovely matching lingerie set can effect your mood and make you feel good about yourself and confident.

If your looking to select underwear that is comfortable, quality and is stylish you probably will start to pay more attention to what fabric the underwear is made from. Classic cotton men’s and women’s underwear come in all colours and styles. The quality of the fabric is key to your comfort, if the product is designed well it will be comfortable – if using the right fabric and it will also be stylish, cutting corners really is a false economy. How many pairs of briefs, shorts, knickers do you have in your draw? how many do you actually wear?

I think on average most UK women have 47 pairs of briefs, shorts, knickers in their underwear draw, but in actual fact only wear a hand full of them. Why? because there not comfortable next to your skin, the fabric,labels and elastic can be scratchy or dig in. I would always advocate buy once well, it really does pay off in the long run, mass produced items don’t suit the masses.

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