Look Good Feel Incredible In Your Everyday Essentials

Do you look good and feel incredible in your everyday essentials? have you ever wondered which style of women’s underwear – panties – knickers would be the best style to suit your body shape? refreshing your underwear collection can be a daunting task if you don’t know what your looking for. We all like to treat ourselves, but love it even more if someone decides to send you a gift, this handy guide to women’s underwear – panties – knickers should help you on the way to finding the ultimate in comfort, quality and style. Clear out your old underwear collection and make your knicker – pantie draw look amazing.

So first of all we need to find out what body shape you are, this is key to finding your perfect pair of knickers – panties – underwear. Sometimes with the best will in the world certain  styles of women’s underwear wont suit all body shapes, this often can lead to discomfort and ultimately stopping you wearing those knickers again.

  • Apple – Wide shoulders, top heavy figure with slim legs and arms.
  • Pair – Small shoulders, waist and bust, with fuller hips and thighs.
  • Rectangle – Minimal Curvature, Bust, Waist and Hips are of a similar size.
  • Inverted Triangle – Wide shoulders, Fuller Bust, Small waist and hips.
  • Hourglass – Body in proportion on bust and hips, with a small well defined waist.

Okay you hopefully now have a idea of what shape you are, so the next question is what style of knickers – panties – underwear do you prefer and which style will flatter you figure the most? we all have days when we reach out for our most comfortable pair of briefs, they maybe a pair of Bridget Jones full briefs, but who cares as long as your comfortable.

  • Full Brief – This style is ideal for the women looking for the most coverage, usually cut straight on the leg and high on the waist. Full briefs are the ideal pair of knickers for Apple Shapes there also brilliant is your wanting to minimize your tummy.
  • Hipsters – Hipsters usually sit low on the hip with a straight cut on the leg, offering good coverage with a youth full look. Hipsters are great for creating curves.
  • Thong – Usually thongs are a high cut on the leg, elongating the overall appearance of your leg, sitting below the waist. probably offering the least in coverage out of all the styles, Most suited to a Inverted Triangle shape.
  • Short – Shorts usually sit high on the waist offering good coverage, with a straight cut low on the leg, this is a ideal shape for Pear Shaped bodies.
  • High Leg – A high leg brief usually sits just underneath the waist, with a high cut on the leg line but still offering good coverage. this style is good for creating curves and elongating the leg line. This is popular with many body styles.

So what comes next? you’ve found your body shape, you know what style of knickers – panties – underwear your looking for, now all you need to do is find a reputable underwear company that offers the style your looking for, in the colour you want, and the size that suits your body shape. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Did you know that on average women in the UK have 42 pairs of women’s knickers – panties – underwear in their draw, and most women stick to their half dozen favourite.

Why is that? quite simply it’s because we all love a bargain and are drawn to gimmick offers, were attracted by colour, nothing wrong with that l would agree, but why not think about a few key things before you buy :-

  • What style do l most love?
  • What colour do l wear most frequently?
  • What fabric choice does my body prefer?
  • Which knickers wash the best and the ones l wear the most?

I think once you have answered these questions your ready to go, but before you do can l tell you about Unibu underwear? Unibu is a British specialist underwear – knickers – panties company that manufactures all its products in the UK, Unibu strive to offer  the very best in customer service, and are only satisfied when the customer are. Unibu’s products are all about Comfort, Quality and Style. Over many years in the lingerie industry Unibu have listened to their customer, and have consistent in maintaining the highest of standards in the world of men’s and women’s underwear at a affordable price. Unibu’s customers love their products that bring them back time after time.