British Manufacturing

Introduction to British Manufacturing

Does it matter where your product is made? Who makes it? What working conditions it is produced in? Shirley Crisp the creator and founder of Unibu thinks it does. Here at Unibu we are passionate about all that we do. Our aim is to build a sustainable British underwear company, that promotes and creates skills and jobs in the UK. We only use the finest materials made here in Britain that is ethically produced according to modern UK employment standards. Our pledge is that we will never compromise on these founding values.

100% British Sourced Products


We all know what makes a fantastic product. It starts with the design we only use the best designers in the industry to help us create our products, attention to detail, the little tweaks and cuts that make the difference to the end result. Our research is extensive. We have listened to thousands of ladies and gents over the years about their quests to find that "Perfect Fit" and always welcome feedback from our customers. You can be assured that when your comments are made, we listen. We review our designs regularly, and if we can improve we do so. Unibu believe that only when you achieve "Quality, Comfort & Style" you may have found your perfect pair.


We pride ourselves here at Unibu by sourcing all our fabrics here in the UK. It means we go that extra mile to ensure that not only do the materials originate here in Britain, but they are knitted, dyed and printed here in the UK too. We search the British Isles for companies with similar passion and values to ours, who have a deep rooted heritage in the British textile industry. We really won't compromise on our values and commitment to you the customer, to produce a truly British made product. This we believe is where "Quality" is achieved.


Any good cook would tell you "You can't make a good cake without having quality ingredients" It's the same in manufacturing, Cheap doesn't equal quality, and your components used need to be premium. I think we all may have bought a pair of briefs in the past, where the elastic has driven you crazy! it's ether too slack, sub standard quality, starts to un-ravel after a few washes, or even given you an irritation. Our elastic suppliers are truly masters at there trade, generations of families have passed down their knowledge on how to produce a superior product. The attention to detail in what they do ensures your "Comfort".


Dont you just hate scratchy labels? Many people make it there first job after a new purchase, to cut all signs of a label out of a garment. Unibu have done countless wear tests on different types of labels, to find the ultimate comfort. We only use the the finest woven and satin finish labels in our underwear, as we believe that whatever sits closest to your skin should feel amazing and give extra "Style".


In today's world we are bombarded with branding, whether that be visual, or audible. We wanted to be clear to our customers that Unibu is all about "Comfort, Quality and Style" We are proud to manufacture all our products here in the UK and our packaging is no exception.

Head Office

Home is where the heart is, and for us that is the beautiful English Lake District. Based in Windermere, Cumbria we are very fortunate to be located in such a inspiring area, where millions of visitors come to holiday. Not your first point of call when thinking of the textile industry, but way back in the industrial revolution Windermere became a firm favourite for Lancashire Mill owners to visit. They love the clean air, and went on to build some of our most impressive buildings that you can still see today.

Sales Team

Our sales team is ever growing and evolving, our passion is thier passion. We're all about offering amazing customer service, we recgonise that only when the chain is complete you achieve this.

Attention To Detail
I Love Unibu Underwear


We value and respect our retailers, whether that is in- store, or on-line, we know when they recommend our product to their customers it is in the knowledge that Unibu provides a product that is of superior quality, great fitting, has style, and is Made In Britain.

Brand Ambassadors

Our "Brand Ambassadors" amazingly, are quite often customers of Unibu. They found our product, tried it and loved it, so much so they also wanted to "FlyTheFlag" for British manufacturing and Unibu. We love to hear from them and all their stories of where they have been, and who they have met. We believe this is a true testament to our fantastic products.


Our website, we hope is not just a place that you pass through in a moment. We believe at Unibu that no part of our business should not reflect our "Passion" Our online presence is a vital part to our business. Here is the place where we all come together, online customers can find us, from all corners of the world, Retailers can order and view new products, and Brand Ambassador's can show and order our products. We are passionate about keeping you up to date with our news, you can subscribe to our Newsletter or read our Blog. Links can also be found to all our social media presence.


Unibu pride themselves on "Attention To Detail" we want our customers to be 100% happy with their purchase, and that includes the logistics department, we take care in how we wrap your product so it reaches you in perfect condition. This also includes who we use as our preferied couriers. We aim to offer the most efficient, cost effective method, that ensures traceability and guaranteed delivery.


Our customers are the most important thing to us. Without you, Unibu would not exist. Everything we do, we make the "Customer" our priority, from selecting fabrics to trims, packaging to couriers. You can be assured Unibu will never forget you. Our products are Made In Britain and always will be.