Mens Underwear

Men’s Underwear

Did you know that the average UK man owns his trunks for four years? men over recent years have enjoyed a explosion of colours, styles and designs in men’s underwear, never have men’s boxers been so colourful and attractive, so there is really no excuse to get creative with your shorts.

Since the dawn of time men have been wearing all manner of creations to cover there assets, Long Johns, Boxer Shorts, Men’s Briefs, Men’s Thongs, Trunks whatever feels most comfortable, in the 80’s Calvin Klein wooed men and women alike with there amazing adverts, footballers like David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo endorsed their new brand’s, the tide had turned never again were men to be expected to wear sub standard boring underwear.

When talking to literally hundreds of men l discovered like women comfort was king, men not only were looking for style, they wanted to be comfortable too. After years of silence men started to talk about what they really wanted in out of their boxers. No ride up! how frustrating having to adjust your leg adjustment every five minutes. Leg length, not to long not to short. Elastic that didn’t curl.  A quality product made for men, worn by men.

Bring in the women! well which women doesn’t have a view on what undies their fella wears, a nice crisp pair of cotton fresh men’s boxer shorts, the snug fitting men’s briefs, men’s shorts sometimes known as trunks or the cheeky men’s thong, most men want to look good in their underwear.

So who actually buys men’s underwear? do men prefer to buy their own boxers, or is it something they wait to have bought for them by a family member or loved one? my research says it’s a equal split really, some men really know what their looking for in their underwear, where some chaps are happy to receive a welcome gift for Christmas or Birthdays, whatever it’s key to have a idea of what you like when going out to shop.

If this has given you food for thought and Spring is in the air, your draws are getting a clear out l would really recommend trying Unibu – Made In Britain from British manufactured fabric and elastic, you wont find better Quality, Comfort and Style.

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