Quality Feel, British Fabric.

I recently went holiday shopping with the family to one of the North West major shopping destinations. the main task of the day was to find new t-shirts, shorts, swimsuit, etc whilst looking through the vast range of retail outlets l couldn’t help but notice how much the fabrics felt so different for similar items.

You would think when buying T-shirts they may feel some what similar, but no, the obvious difference was the weight of the fabric, some you can actually see through the jersey material. How soft is the fabric? you would assume that stretch fabric would be soft, but some Tops feel quite scratchy.

After a closer inspection of some T-shirts l took a look inside the garment, l wasn’t surprised to find that the T-shirt was manufactured in Cambodia, and l would only assume the fabric wasn’t Made In Britain.

As a passionate British Made supporter, l know through my own endeavours of building a 100% Made In Britain ladies and gents underwear brand that finding a UK fabric manufacturer and supplier wasn’t the easiest thing l’ve ever done, but the one thing l did know it was worth all the hard work finding them.

Our shopping marathon ended and we departed for our annual holiday, as like most family holidays you return with a mass pile of washing, this opens a whole new post!

It’s well worth a look! take a look in your clothing tonight when removing your clothing, are any of your clothes made in the UK? if not where in the world are they made? this makes for a really good exercise, or take up the challenge to buy British where you can.

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