Should "Made In Britain" Have Protected Status

Why Buy British Underwear

Okay so you have been scrolling through your social media feed one morning, and you notice a post advertising Made In Britain underwear, you keep scrolling down the page to get up to date with all your friends and families news, but in the back of your mind you are thinking about the Made In Britain underwear advert, why? you know for years you have stuck with the same multi-pack underwear from the supermarket, not always a huge success and very rarely comfortable. It’s just what we do isn’t it? we buy by habit.

Should we though? most people are always very cautious when purchasing their weekly food shopping, making sure that their chicken has been raised in a environment that is best suited to the bird, eggs are free range, and our Cumberland sausage is actually made where is says it is. In the world of food we have what is known as “Protected Status” meaning that some of our most loved and treasured food’s and drink need to be produced in the area of where it bears it’s name. “Bury Black Pudding” comes from? Bury

Why is this so important to us? does it really matter? does it really effect the consumer? I would argue that this is hugely important to us, because we care about heritage, and traditions in Britain, we know that products that are Made In Britain are known worldwide for their quality, that our manufacturing standards, and eye for detail is envied across the world. In the grand scheme of things whats the difference from one pair if briefs to another really? is the customer really going to notice?

So what does it mean when you “Buy British” to be honest it can mean quite a few things, so l would always advise researching the company, and have a good read on the labels. A Made In Britain product can in fact be manufactured in another country, then shipped to Britain and re manufactured here, to be altered ot adapted, shocking l know, but it does happen sadly, but this is legal and legit in the eyes of the law. Secondly a product can be Made In Britain but its main components can be manufactured abroad IE if we were talking about underwear, this would mean that the elastic, fabric, labels and packaging would be imported in for the purpose of construction of the garment. Is this as shocking to you as the first option? maybe not, as we all know that finding a British textile mill can be a challenge. Finally the third option, and the one, and the only one Unibu chose to take, and probably the hardest on is, to source all the components needed to manufacture men’s and women’s underwear here Made In Britain, this means Unibu has gone the extra mile to find the finest British made fabric, elastic, and labels, we truly are a 100% Made In Britain brand, we really wont compromise when it comes to our promise to you, the customer.

Is the time right to extend the “Protected Status” to other markets Made In Britain, l believe so, as Britain starts to furrow a new path in the world, l think it is hugely important that we not only protect our most loved products and brands, we emerge as world leaders in traceability, and good working practice, That we strive to leave a minimum footprint on the world yet open for business. The consumer should with ease know where and how the product they are purchasing is truly made.

We are passionate about what we do here at Unibu, we strive only to produce the finest British made men‘s and women‘s underwear, we really do go the extra mile to offer you Comfort, Quality & Style.

Unibu Promise

  • To manufacture men’s and women’s underwear.
  • To design, manufacture and distribute underwear Made in Britain.
  • To achieve Comfort, Quality and Style in all products made.
  • To continue to support the British Textile Industry and it growth.
  • To maintain a low carbon footprint in production of Made In Britain underwear.
  • To maintain high working practise and conditions adhering to UK law.
  • To value, listen and respect the customer needs