Valentines Day Underwear

Valentines Day Underwear

Valentines Day is fast approaching only a few days to go! are you sat at your PC wondering or even panicking what to buy for your loved one? what makes a really nice gift? well l suppose that is really down to the sender, some people see Valentines Day a bit of fun where we show our appreciation and love for another, others use the special day to tell the world that their heart has been taken, and dedicate their lives to one another, whatever and however you choose to celebrate Valentines Day l think we would all agree that receiving a great quality gift makes things extra special.

Have you ever wondered when Valentines Day started, and why do we celebrate this day? it is believed that Valentines Day was first recorded in Roman times back in the third century. In the mid 18th century people used to pass love notes to each other, a precursor to Valentines Day cards, in 1797 some cards were made of lace and paper. In the early 19th century factories were mass producing them.

Today in the 21st century we can show our love and affection in many ways, there are a whole array of gifts that can be bought. Giving lingerie or underwear as a gift has always been a popular choice, but sometime can be a challenging task finding the right size, style and colour, here at Unibu we have made a quick five point questions to make your decision making stress free. There is still plenty of time to find a great Valentines Day gift so don’t worry, Unibu are experts in the lingerie underwear department, we have years of knowledge literally under our belts! so have a go let your loved one fall in love with British made underwear lingerie, you wont be disappointed.

    1. What style of underwear, lingerie does your partner wear? have a sneaky look through their draws, if you see a few pairs of a similar style that usually means they love that style.
    2. What size do they wear? OK this can be the danger area! if you go to small they may feel disappointed because they want to try out their new underwear, lingerie, if you go to big! oh heck this can send the wrong message totally, Unibu grade all their underwear, lingerie on a UK, British fit.
    3. What fabric do they like wearing? are you thinking something silk and sexy, but notice all that’s in the draw is cotton? OK this usually means your partner loves comfort, they really know what they like in the underwear, lingerie department, It’s OK to a pack of briefs that are made of cotton, they most likely will turn into a favourite, and be used over and over again, Great choice, great present.
    4. Listen and watch, have you heard or seen your partner complaining about their underwear, lingerie? this might be a silent hint that they want you to buy them some, or they haven’t found the right pair yet, why not ask the question, its a great topic of conversation, and helps you find out what to avoid.
    5. Colour, is your partner a practical type or do they love to experiment with colour? we all have our favourite pair of briefs or shorts, but do we splash out in the colour department, Black, White and Nude are safe underwear, lingerie colours to go for, but don’t be afraid to explore colours.

Have a great Valentine Day l hope you also receive something wonderful, and if your not sharing the day with someone this year, never fear Unibu underwear, lingerie is sold 365 days of the year worldwide, we want everyone to fall in love with British made underwear.

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