Where Do You Buy Your Underwear?

Where Do You Buy Your Underwear?

Britain has been known for many a year as a nation of shopkeepers specialist’s in the small independent retailer, well known high street multiples started from humble beginnings the most famous being M&S and their penny stall. For generations the household buyer would do their weekly shop if their favourite chosen store.

Over the passage of time how the nation trades and does business has changed dramatically, l don’t think ever has there been such a change in how we shop, and how we pay for our goods.

Focusing on on the lingerie/underwear industry men and women over the years have shopped in many different formats of retail, lingerie was first worn some 4000 years ago in ancient Greece where women would wear a band around their breasts for support. After this the Chemise came along worn by women and men under their clothing to protect against body sweat and body oils this was in the Roman times.

The corset probably the most famous for its silhouette shape, this was the first underwear garment to be produced purely for it’s aesthetics and not practical reasons. The corset reached it’s height of popularity in the Victorian era only being displaced by mass production and world war.

In 1914 the bra came about, no longer was it the fashion to push the bust together, from 1920 each breast was given a individual cup, making a more comfortable garment.

Over many hundred’s of years men and women have purchased underwear and lingerie out of necessity and pleasure, where they have made their purchases has probably changed as much as the garment itself. Historically a women would go to a specialist ladies wear shop that offered the facility of fitting a garment, lingerie was seen in the early days as something that was private and not to be viewed by others, specialist underwear fitters would help both men and women with their purchases.

As time has moved on the department store, would have a specialist underwear and lingerie department where they would provide a vast array of products, the small independent retailer was much trusted on the high street, this is where you would most likely get good personnel service and excellent product knowledge.

Who would ever think that we would buy our underwear and lingerie online, the birth of the Etailer has certainly made its mark on the time line of history of underwear. This is now the most preferred method of making our purchases, we can view from the comfort of our own homes, place online purchase by mobile devices or even talk to our Google home through voice recognition.

There is one thing for sure how we purchase our underwear and lingerie is ever changing, men and women want to have access to the finest products, with the best quality, comfort and style, whilst still supporting British business. Leading the way in British underwear online stores Unibu have created  a 100% British made product range, Unibu focus on comfort, quality and style, but never compromise on their outstanding customer service.

As we all move forward in the digital world and online underwear/lingerie purchases continue to grow, Unibu know that the customers journey has only begun when finding their fantastic webstore, customer satisfaction is key, and this is where this truly British brand is a winner.

For a small brand it makes a big impact on the ever changing history of underwear and lingerie industry.