Women's Underwear

Women’s Underwear

We all want to make to right purchase when buying women’s underwear don’t we? but isn’t it so hard to find the perfect pair knickers or do you call them briefs? with hundreds of brands out there, all using different fabrics and styles how do you find the right one that suits you best?

Women’s underwear can be a mine field if you don’t know what your looking for, when does a knicker become a brief or even a thong! what fabric do you choose? are you going for a more practical everyday comfort approach or are you looking for a sexy pair for a special occasion? questions questions, l would always advise go for what you find comfortable, that you know you will wear if its for everyday comfort, there is nothing worse than having to fiddle with your briefs, if the elastic is uncomfortable or just isn’t up to the job, find a fabric that suits your body, wearing knickers in different climates, maybe on holiday may require you to have a re think on what fabric is best.

Style, what’s you ideal knicker? are you looking for something that gives more coverage or support? are you wanting some new briefs to sit under some low rise jeans you have just bought? a thong maybe needed if you have a close fitting dress and you don’t want a NVPL, sometimes however much we try some styles of knickers just don’t .suit, don’t panic, if we were all the same things would get a little boring.

Cheap scratchy fabric no thank you, why put yourself through it? l think if your wearing something next to your skin make it quality, soft and comfortable, if you can see through it or it feels like cardboard it’s a no no for me, l always like to know where my product comes from, is it mass produced or for a artisan manufacturer, who truly knows their product. I love to support British manufactures who go the extra mile to source quality for there products, l know when l buy well first time the product usually ends up my favourite, and l wear it over and over again, l never worry about how it washes because l know what l have bought is well made

So you off to the shops now to try and find you perfect pair of women’s underwear, we would highly recommend you visit Unibu online, no hassle no fuss, a truly quality product that simply does what it says on the box – Made In Britain – Comfort, Quality and Style. Unibu deliver worldwide direct to your door, take the stress out of your knicker shopping give them a go, they wont disappoint.

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